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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Group Studies- 17th May 1993

(Comments on meetings)

WHEN men come to 'realizations' in full consciousness - given a variety of ways to happen upon advancement, and fully knowing of each successive step upon that road of advancement - they become inextricably altered, developed, and not the least, contained in great rewards of joy.

When men are led into experiences of insight they are temporarily aghast, bemused or filled with wonderment. However the experience is short-lived, because it has no prior connections within the man, enabling him to incorporate said 'realization' into his being as that of his own. The fallout from this is not only great disappointment, but vanquish of spirit, whereupon the individual has lost his glimpse of paradise and sorely despairs after it.

Therefore, although we should be ever so tempted to provoke men to share our contemplations and arrive at our insights so won in the moment, we must recognize that in teaching by 'method' or by superimposing developments, we are hindering their personal search in the long term.

It is very natural for the enthusiast to desire that their aspirations be shared. This desire itself is exactly what is needed overall, hopefully encouraging men to want to know for themselves. This is why we strive to begin at a beginning which is fathomable, that the student before one is not lost for profundity! Nor do we coerce them into forfeiting their splendid logic - by the bye, the heart itself is very logical, unto its own.

There is to be purpose and reward of purpose, as chief encouragement to an expectant following. There must be a perceived result: an explanation, a truth, a connection, which is arrived at because the quality of the endeavor is capable of expansion.

Remember what was said of the asking of questions? This is the very stimulus prerequisite to their personal learning: the active asking! Good truth of its own, leads out into countless directions, whereupon discussion flows naturally. On the other hand, there are those activities which by contrast required no real participation and only lead to 'flat notes' and unfulfilling ends - and so one must be careful to discriminate the differences.

In other words, upon reflection one may review the group activities and make a list of those things done which could have been continued for hours, even days; and those which died a certain death because there was no way to expand upon the activity, and drop the latter entirely. This is just a suggestion for a healthy environment for active participation. 


It was suggested that indeed one should separate men into categories of 'occultists' and 'preps', allowing for prayers and affirmations for one group, leaving empty the palate of the other. Prayers in such circumstances are to be distinguished from the active group study; they need not be consciously comprehended to be enriching and important.

When a prayer is spoken amongst thoughtful people there becomes a response of soul which is eager to 'draw in' the sentiments worked in and out of the spiralling ethers. The heart is relieved because the burden of all the goings on is much alleviated, and it is given time to express itself fully. In this way we could suggest that it is healthful, beneficial and highly recommended - one could even 'take time' for prayers every hour or two; at least as often as coffee breaks.

For here is a bonding of worlds and an active participation on an entirely different level. Prayers need not be long - a good potent three minute invocation may manage well. Prayerful considerations: Gratitude, Healing, asking for Guidance, Protection, shelter in Wisdom, contemplation of the Father, contemplation of Christ, invitations to all good and holy beings, prayers of admonishment, prayers rehearsed and prayers spontaneous, prayers for thanksgiving to the Kingdoms, the Elements and prayers for tolerance.

Prayers need not be rehearsed or repeated. There is truth to say however, that there is a gathering of strength in those recitations which become adopted fondly by a given group and recalled at each meeting. There may even be almost what you might say, a sense of pleasure, a twiddling of toes, in certain invisible friends who delight in anticipation of each beloved and forthcoming line. For prayer pronounced, expelled, expressed, delivered and thrown further, experienced by men and women beseeching Heaven, is not unlike a most beautiful art-form as beheld by those with the vision to see.

"Para-alpha, Para-beta" - we may excel our consciousness with great inspiration infilled by wonderings, questions and answers offered in the world, offered in the spiritual worlds. In group-study we may question, that we may comprehend and assist the world. By group prayer we question also, that we may comprehend and assist the spiritual worlds; and allow them to assist us as they know best. It is well possible to overestimate the group's capacity for study, but never can this be said for prayer.

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