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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Christ : In & Out of Time- 4th July 1993

IMAGINE that you have been taken to a very special and sacred lake wherein men go ethereally; and there, if one desires, they may dare to make witness of the vision which will obligingly surface, right there before them. On trembling knees, with heightened expectation, you have gone to view the mystery of the soul, not just any soul, but rather, your soul.

This is not the bath of redemption wherein a candid glance measures the value of sin, the scores of sin and the ignoble triumph. This is not the pool of Humanity's sorrows, that perchance one casual viewing would induce either dedication or despair, forever after.

This is not the crystalline dream: that which provokes the many-colored visions which entice a man most happily, so much so that he might trade reality for this seventh sense. This is not the mirror-pool of the memory, nor is it of forecast, nor changeable, impressionable, translatable or cunning.

Imagine that you have asked for an audience face to face with Christ Himself, and the only window to where the worlds meet is before you in this sacred lake.

Why are deficits more credible than inborn talents? Why are we critics of God, when we condemn His Perfection in us? Why is the candid man so awkward about his glory? The beauty, the ability, the depth of expression, is immeasurable.

There is no pain in Christ. No, there is no pain. There before you, you may find His Face and make sense of His Being, almost as it were, in replace of your own image; and yet too, it is in truth, yours truly.

In Christ we are brought to realize grand perfection. May we be bold in our approach? The Master would comfort you, He would not admonish you - He is, as they say, right behind you all the way. There is no tyranny, no stern reproach, no anger, no outcast, no suspicion, no segregation, no battle, no disagreement, no argument to be had. Men are startled by their own divine countenance, moved to abandon such judgments as did defile their brother and themselves.

Twice we may be given this intimate exposure, and many times are we given to full review of the sensation of soul in accepting this renewal. What a surprise it is to many, that they may abandon their shell of superfluous tragedy and find the man they see!

In Christ we find singular intent. He knows from within a man how he is faring. If we are open to His persuasion, then He knows this also.

How may it be that there becomes Christ in the sky, Christ in all men, and so forth? That His Face is imprinted within each and every peck and pit? It is because the World is His firstly and Creation is signatory to His Being in its entirety. And He can afford great happiness in this.

Quite often we shall make a distinction between that which is in time (of time) and that which is out of time. In Christ such variables are specific and of contrast too. For Christ - our Christ out of time - there is as specified, no pain. However - for example - contrariwise: for that part of Christ thus descended into actuality by choice, so given to the bondages and ramifications of Time, there is constant agony. (Ed. note: Agony: Greek agonia struggle, Latin agon contest.) The word is a difficult one - so difficult to contemplate, let alone suffer.

The perils of manifestation are bravely borne, the anti-conductive forces are met, the instabilities withstood, the extraterrestrial interfering critics are bandied, the indifferences of men are suffered and subdued, the arguments between helping hosts are made peaceable, the weight of the axis is met according to the propensity of push and pull, the defiance of men is forgivingly endured, and the impatience of local and related Kingdoms is becalmed and equivocated. Answers must be supplied; huge reservoirs of optimism need be constantly drawn in; encouragements continuously granted; whilst explanations 'explaining the case' are made on high. This and more, falls nothing short of agony. However and obviously, it is not an unendurable agony, for it would not be withstood.

In order that every imperfection be met and answered, Christ Himself allowed such an adoption that would synthetically ensemble each difficulty and possibility of difficulty, within His Being. Such difficulties were thus overcome and worked out - much like the heavenly efforts 'battled out' in overcoming specific diseases in Man.

Corruption is the death-process of the pure, whereby contamination interferes with its original spirit, i.e. the purity as was. Death was never given to be part of the plan - not as we know it and certainly not in the spiritual sense. It is as the wish of the twelfth and evil fairy - the outcast. Death is a certain chaos which interrupts the grace of perceived and given continuity.

How frail a man becomes when faced with the great uncertainty! It is not as it could have been, would that his immortality was empirically obvious. The blatant truths of our impending spirituality are as completely made invisible, whereas the retarded comprehension, bound to extraordinary limitations, is subservient to the animal-man and barely repressible. This topsy-turvy grappling with Man is again resolved, in our Worldly Christ.

Christ (the Larger, if you like), who dwells out of time, is the Face as is offered in the mysterious lake. No man would dare to ignore these attributes relayed to him - if we think hard about this experience, we may sense for ourselves what is meant by it. Not even to be deemed a vision, but rather a reality of the first order.

Each infant is happy, naturally self-assured, they know this Face of Christ, and of their true selves. Say to an infant, "You are indeed wonderful!" and they, if they could answer, would say, "Yes, I know." We may celebrate Christ when we feel wonderful. And yes, there are many experiences of this, with associated ecstasies. He would not have it otherwise: that you be indeed truly wonderful.

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