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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Representing the Teachings- 5th March 1993

Slithy toves,

Slippery bulwarks,
Sheepish runner.

OF all considerations (for the astute), one of the grandest is undoubtedly that of deliberation. For here in deliberation itself, we find not only intent, and will and submission, but also a choice which has been made, marked and sealed.

There are certain confrontations presenting to us minimally, which in their own way are inclined to befuddle or bewilder; and by the strength of the deliberation the man gleans strength in return. To some extent, the actual matter of the choice is immaterial, rather that which has been 'bound over' and dealt with, shall test a man until resolved. And the resolving is good.

That we may consummate decisions and arrive at deliberation is most marvelous and exponential. This, moreso separates man from beast - the beast does not make self-conscious deliberation, but acts without pause (paws yes, pause no). The magician thrives on deliberation - much illusion is supported by the deliberate hand with preordained maneuver - improperly contrived but masterfully manipulated.

The novice who may come before you, has not yet the ability to determine or differentiate good and wholesome deliberation. He or she has forsaken many of their estimations in bargain for the 'enlightenment' they sought. If there was no exercise of thought, intent and will, with no moral motivation, no 'good' inclination, then they are governed by weakness, subjected to sense and psychic titillation. Their day may be long and empty, whilst their nights impacted with astral transfusions. There may be a hopelessness in outlook; particularly on behalf of a humanity that needs all the considerations of hope we can offer.

Finger-bowls (bowls with water) earth a man wonderfully. If his attention strays and he is 'unclean' with unsavory rapport, the finger-bowl is a good beginning - before eating. The bathing of the feet works with discharge also, however this is even less acceptable to manage - depending of course, where you are placed.

Assurance must be given to the novice that there is freedom and respect of freedom, underpinning the teacher's offerings. That the exercise of such freedoms as are afforded by our Father Himself, are imperative to active thought, and there is no wish to impose thought of any kind, to convert or cajole, to win or to will. What is offered is offered by one who receives in gratitude, dignity and reverence.

If motivations are impure we must ask forgiveness, and remember that the impact upon another soul, is too great to upset with improper designs. It shall go very badly indeed for the young student, if they are persuaded by one who is without gratitude, dignity and reverence; for esotericism becomes sclerotic without, and overburdens the naive destructively.

If a student has not the interest and we are of no inspiration in a particular way, then there is little point attempting to drive concepts as one would hit nails into steel. One must work with their intimations, which surface in due course, and know of reply worked in and around that which they know. For you shall isolate them further by offering only foreign material.

Secondly, (or is it thirdly, fourthly?) be mindful that all men are good, and though they be masterful at times in disguising this, they are indeed twenty-four carat souls of light, Whispers of God, Tears of Christ. We defy demons, we do not believe them.

If a student has the ill-fortune of taking up with characters who are apparently disagreeable, or even poisonous logicians, never answer them or pay them attention, except in silent prayer and address. You may confront a man who is possessed, eye to eye, and speak sternly with the plague that besets him, in silence. Conversations, particularly arguments, fuel their activity and corrupt the student further into unsoulful cleverness.

For the main part, there will be a natural aversion away from your body of company because of the very nature of your work. It is not as you worry - there would be actual pain to undesirable company; they do not welcome you any more than you, they.

Remember, there is no such thing as a 'chance meeting'. Nor is there a 'casual meeting' either. Our own attitude is of consequence - in time, out of time, however you would have it. Whether we meet with a man only once, or befriend him for a lifetime, what we are to him in attitude remains with him always.

Teachings, no matter how good, will not resound unless he has the commensurate experience to enter into the understandings a little further. If we can actually represent those teachings as do inspire us, then the novice before us will know them too, eventually, by knowing the experience of us: the example.

Furthermore, we have Christ not only as Master, but as chief example, to draw upon the necessary experience; of that we may come to perfection thus.

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