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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Reality to the Various Bodies of Christ- 24th December 1992

FOR it was that the body of David was dark and cumbersome. Ethanael did oversee the transformation, which at the time of the Baptism, bespoke as if another. And the body was worsted under the strain of the blending, the intermingling of body-celeste and body-corrupt.

Heirome saw to it that the fingers bore no nails, the toes either. The flesh was exposed.

The body-exalted was seen flying over Jerusalem, witnessed by thousands. There was a summoning intensity - those who watched drew breath; those who doubted were defeated. It was no private spectacle. The fishermen lined-up their tiny boats and kept watch with unrealized expectation for many nights, many months after.

A succession of rainbows appeared from His Light. His Image was as if in triplicate, with one either side of He who was Him. He spoke without speaking. From His pointed Hand there drew light. He revolved around the Earth three times and oversaw His Kingdom.

Those who mistook His Being to be nothing more than an apparition were quick to scoff, when He had passed. Some could not even contain the memory of that they had witnessed.

There were many healings in an instant; whilst as many broken bodies. For there were some of those who had bodies of flesh with demons within, who looked likened to Men, but were not Men; and these were broken down all at once - instantly.

Lightning seized cloudless skies.

The Earth had not refused this God physical entry. He did prove that He belonged rightfully - that the Men are His Men, and Man is Him.

For the descension into Matter was no easy navigation, and born entrance into the world's embrace at our Christmas time. As all are! 

The Earth did not spew Him, but the naive flesh could not withstand His Potency. When His Body dissolved into the Earth, the demons bethought they had won, for they harbored such conceit as made them stupid to the facts. 

The dissolution spread rapidly - where not one speck remained unaffected. All had the markings of Christ, in form, in growth, from soil upwards. And He was free as before, but not as before. King and claimant, willful, he had saturated all Earthly matter, Earthly matter now being His greater Body.

Matter is not as it seems: it is as insubstantial as a dream; and venerated as an elusive dream. Physicality requires fluidity, flux, motivation and response, and very solid-appearing ethers which are the binding-stuff of earthly design. Such ethers are reactive to those subtle forces as outlined, but only appear as substantial. The Body of Christ which did infiltrate the substance of Earthly matter has brought deeper substantiation - compelled matter to draw together in a way which has strengthened form. Here is paradox: matter itself has become moreso, than with inclination to disassociate, break up, break down or etherialize.

The process of refinement is more easily worked upon because of this, e.g. I can write on paper which is as paper, rather than pulp. In other words, we have something to work with which shall be dependable and intrinsically good.

For He has adopted the offspring of His child - the Earth - and been received by said grandchild: the physical world.
For some eggs are fertilized after expulsion.


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