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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Plants as Food & Medicine- 25th May 1992

WHAT makes a vegetable a vegetable? Many vegetables are in service to Man, which is an honor from the point of view of the plant - an accomplishment and a distinction. Secondly, there are those with medicinal properties that will, if not now, prove to be remedial to Man - this too is a service of relation, of great import.

Added to these two categories, we find also those plants that expire and exclaim certain properties (unseen), which enhance and give over great attributes to man by their simple presence, by exclamation of their being. These too are exalted in services offered and given, albeit without recognition from Man today.

These plants as cited are of course the most pronounced examples of properties most perfectly expressed, rather than isolated in character and nature, form and offerings. Many a 'weed' who holds greater powers of regeneration, may too exude such vitalities as are both healthful and exhilarating to the general wider community, who does benefit by such exuberance - the manifestation of rampant offspring.

It is interesting that some plants have been nurtured with by-products from animals, and that this should be encouragement to growth. How is the rose in all of her purity thus affected by this? In the case of predigested grains and grasses, the manure is characteristically different in relation to fodder for the plant, as is compost-manure from a carnivore. Whilst much flesh shall go to ground and disseminate, with plants within the soil cohabiting the earth, it is not a wise or profitable practice to continually combine such manure with a plant.

In faeces of larger animals (horse, pig, and so forth) there are elements of blood and bile, characteristic to that animal and his vital aspects of his particular nature. Although only in traces minuscule and part per billion, it is nonetheless characterizing etheric vapors which indeed permeate such material. Furthermore, there are conjunctions of astral semen, as it were, that shall find its way through to the makeover of that plant 'nourished' thereby.

This, as far as the character and nature of the plant, is something of a disgrace and a deformity, as the plant which is attended in this manner is usually one given importance in the first place (as described above). So in application to Man later on, it is important to realize the marked changes which will ensue from such a practice.

Specifically there is an adjunct, whereby the accommodating plant does incorporate something of a signature or characteristic, which rather in the singular - namely that of its own - has now something of the animal from which the compost was derived. One could picture a garden of hollyhocks with heads of pigs, dogs or men; a sea of corn with like faces so attached. For the plant is impressionable - likened firstly and bound to Man and to animal through service to begin with - and then later, with consumption of said qualities, begins to incorporate distinctions of those kingdoms.

Now it might be said that conversely, this practice could indeed be sufficient as an alternative for some medicinal extracts; i.e. one could grow insulin in plant life rather than look to animal solutions directly. 

But let us go further in example. For a man to urinate upon a tree, for example, he shall particularly be fond of that tree and well believe that part of him is inextricably bound thereafter. The dogs who accordingly 'make their callings', not only leave scent but actually make of the plants and the trees, casting their own images directly into the growth. To a dog, his home territory is surrounded by visible images of himself. It is a corruption of a plant to a degree and is not permanent - but if one had the eyes to see, there should be animals peeping out on many a new shoot and branch.

All kingdoms hold provision for an 'overlapping' into species and design, in order to accommodate specifics pertaining to the conditions of being. However, the chains of production may be inadvertently mixed to a point where in consumption by man (animal/man>>>manure>>>plant>>>man) the correlation mix becomes one disastrous poison to he who ingests the final product.

It is true to say that usually a man does not ingest meat alone, but prefers to always accompany the meat that he eats with grain products (bread) or vegetables, on the same platter. He does this because the nature of the vegetable does in fact assist with the assimilation of the otherwise corruptive flesh - most similar in aspect of his flesh, but dissimilar to the constitution as far as decay. For a man to spend an entire day consuming meat only, should indeed do well to survive the diet!

So the natures of those vegetables do make for a conducive system, not by roughage (fiber) as is presumed, and not by mass (dilution) and not in extract, but rather that the given quality aspects of the plant manage to disseminate the flesh and overcome that which is unconducive to assimilation. For within all meat - particularly the organs, less so the flesh - one will find definite characteristics adhered to that very function.

However, if this process is arrived at during the life and growth of the plant, the accommodating process shall once again be put forth in a way that proves the opposite, once the man has consumed the final product. For the man too shall hold some lively incorporation, rather than the usual assistance of disseminating and resisting those properties that hold actions dissimilar to that of his own system. This may occur also, when a man takes such meat to excess and does not counterbalance the diet with the necessary influences prescribed by side-dish plants.

For we find that in the evolution of animal formation, the structure and the forces employed are with different activities and different characteristics to those of the plant. In point of fact, the physical world contrasts many, many, unnoted differences within manifestation, making all kingdoms very distinct - even in physical terms, in composition, in patterns of regeneration and growth, in actual substance.

The hypothesis which stipulates that physical matter is composed of shared qualities, is in part correct and in part mistaken. Because the nature of the qualities - be them of mineral element or quasi-organism - differs exceedingly, level upon level, depending upon whom and what, these composites adhere to. Also, that they are in turn somewhat personalized, individualized, and re-gravitate time and time again; rather than are shared by all kingdoms across the board. The enigma of the molecular phases does not provide for this in present-day science and yet how could it not be so?

Life is shared to a degree, but characteristically is marked, and is not so expendable as is thought. The only substance to rise above this particular usage for matter is water; who characteristically is as one. Water, the body of water, as vast as she is in all representations and usage, is as one. It is the water which, through said properties, may make provision for differing components to gather harmoniously, albeit, individually marked.

Fire, although physically viewed, is not of physical matter, and is also as one: one entity with a multitude of split representations at any given time, upon the Globe. But again, there are qualities of fire and degrees of it imparted, mingled with atmospheric conditions, which mark and change the nature of that manifestation.

The beings who live in the sunlight are many and are most different. The sunlight is not as one, and does emanate from several sources, remarkably. Even the Sun does wax and wane, and that which is 'behind' or within the Sun, actually changes in influence, in the characteristics of influence - albeit in differing time periods with vast extensions. But in slight episodes also, qualities (gods) peep in, and emanate down, through this the sunlight. There are many differing characteristics raying through, and are thus absorbed by the Globe and its inhabitants. A prism may isolate some of these characteristics, as too the light deflected in the sunrise.

These in turn are incorporated within the plant, who by the holy virtue of the water, holds too those forces of the Sun so inspired. Plants hold a luminosity of such a ratio that can actually be activated into phosphorescence if expired. The expiration of such rays can and does occur through water evaporation, and within visible limits can be achieved when captured in water (vacuum sealed) and provoked into submission thereby.

The organism of the physical constitution makes these extractions daily, along with also the accompanying characteristics and influences of that plant/vegetable assimilated. This is particularly why dried foods are as death to the constitution. Mineral elements may preside, as well as those components which visibly represent the former material, but the organism may work overtime without relief, in order to pass the superfluous matter and expel.

Liquid extracts are therefore exceedingly potent as nourishment and tonic.


  1. All dead food, nourishments, minerals, and chemicals in general, that means everything without an etheric structure wil be layered in the body as dead structures which can't be controlled by the etheric body, only by the garbage control of the physical body. These dead structures is both the cause of sickness in the body as a hinderness for spiritual development. This of course puts certain constraints on handling of food.

    What is an often neglegted problem are the parasites we ran around with, including yeast, which produces chemicals directly into our bloodstream, of which some are directly poisonous.

    That we should see our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit should be taken literally.
    In the Gospel of Peace that part is considered, including cleansing procedures.
    I have something about the "Gospel of Peace" on my wordpress homepage.
    Happy New Year,
    Kim Graae Munch

  2. Yes Kim,
    Food that has the water completely extracted from it (freeze dried)- with the exception of pulses and such - is dead food. Grains and pulses can be water imbued and of course are not in that category.
    Yes, ethericly dead food will even affect one's spiritual development.
    I'll take a look at what you say on your blog.
    Happy New Year to you too.
    -Br. Bruce

  3. I think sun-dried foods have much life and are not dead-foods. I am talking here more about raisins and dates, and nuts, more specifically, hazelnuts, which are all very nourishing foods.

  4. Also, Organ extracts (which can also be in freeze-dried form) from healthy, grazing animals are good for specific illnesses. See Steiner on Anthroposophical medicine and also Otto Wolff.

  5. Thank you for your comments, Myla.
    Yes, the dates and raisins are eminently nourishing foods. The reason they are not in the same category of freeze dried foods, is that they still retain some of the water which has its etheric signature.
    Why is this important?- see:
    Nuts are in the same category as grains and pulses- all healthy and can be water imbued.
    What we are talking about here is food that was once saturate, now dry, completely dry.
    "One has to wonder how many will suffer the effects of dried soup before we may counter the Pneu of such. . . and readapt Man that he may tolerate it!"

    See Rudolf Hauschka, Nutrition, for a comparison between dried sugar and golden syrup- as an instance.

  6. Now to your second comment, Myla.
    What appears in the organ is quite different to that of the flesh- as in well known in Chinese medicine. As to the fleshes themselves, well we only need to refer to Leviticus.
    With the above paper, you can observe a movement away from using even animal manure- as these qualities are absorbed into the plant. I believe this is our Future.
    So too, with the use of animal parts as medicine- of course the vegetarians will readily understand this.
    As to freeze drying, as I understand it, it was developed after Dr. Steiner's time.
    With healing itself, "there are many ways to skin a cat", as the saying goes. This will be discussed an upcoming paper on this blog- All Roads Lead Home.
    Frozen food, we have not discussed- not so bad, but should not be overdone.


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