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Friday, December 4, 2009

Locomotion- Worldly & Family Souls- 14th March 1992

IN order to propel or propound, there needs be a condition so receiving, as to enable a forced entry before propulsion ensues. Something which may not be empowered to go forward in one instance, one set of conditions, may be enabled and encouraged in other times under other circumstances. There is always a rhythm of rest, of gathering in, circumspect to expulsion. No one thing is 'full on' even when conditions are auspicious. Therefore it is wise to observe this law in all things, especially as far as the promulgation of the teachings is concerned.

Motivation is essential as the essential drive to any advancement. Motivation begins within the man and streams forth through productivity: the realization of such initial motivation. Men are faint because their motivation is weak, and so loosely divided between the passions within the immediate realm and the trials and the testings which ensue, once begun; for we are answered immediately when we become active within such motivation.

This does help one to gauge precisely our intent to pursue whatever line of interest has caught our interest, that we may come to know instantly something of the future produce and our ability to grapple with the proceeds. In this there may be many a 'warning' or to some an encouragement - if indeed they continue and carry on. 

But vitality is not inexhaustible, as far as the man who is not practiced in the very necessary balance of expenditure and receiving of such, goes. We may distribute only so much, and may lend our efforts to certain concentrates or larger mass, however all activity to which a man conspires is accountable; to that man the magnitude is to be dealt with by him and no other. Therefore limitations may in fact be a respite from an otherwise busy future, tending only to extenuating results - that the consequences be so binding that they are ineffably waylaying. 

There have been men within the world who have mastered such will and motivation as to affect almost, the circumference of the Globe. Certainly within their lifetime their outstanding achievements have radiated out, far past the ordinary perimeters of action, vitality and ensuing consequence. To these there are much larger burdens so determined, as their actions have extended past the souls within their immediate experience, but held effect upon countless others whom they have not known. Of course, this too may span the future generations, and so their destiny of public life is ever more complicated.

So in this we may examine two types of men and women: The first category are those whose radius of activity lends itself primarily to the immediate. Their concerns, their occupation, their affections, hold a low profile, so to speak, and they are very much content with their interactions being relatively insignificant historically, publicly and effectually. This is not to say that the soul is insignificant, but rather to comment on their field and realm of activity within a lifetime. However it can be said that for this category, they will affect those who they live and dwell amongst (ancestors also). They shall be very much a part of family life and so forth, but hold little ambition to make changes upon the larger world. They are little concerned with the larger world until such a time as they are persuaded within their immediate realm to take notice of what actually will affect them. They have not the motivation in this regard and are impotent outside of their domain. They find no inspiration in fostering unknown companions. This has no bearing on their moral conduct or the way in which their development ensues, for these men or women may be angelic or inhuman - it is rather, pure comment on worldly activity and motivation therein.

The second category stands with the men of larger vision. These folk tend to represent as 'old souls' who have come the way of the first and begun to be moved with twinge and insight, as to those expanses which lie outside of their immediate experience. They begin to form opinions, they begin to search and scan and are somewhat separated in consciousness - holding both the daily perspective and the worldly inquiry. These souls may be overly ambitious and fall into particular ills because of immaturity; for it is true to say that there are few men who can comprehensively understand the larger world. However, it is within them to try. 

Once a soul has crossed the bridge into the larger world perspective, he has begun to form particular motivations which will of themselves lead further outwards. He may be a traveler, he may be an entrepreneur, he may be a dictator, he may seek domination, he may be a philanthropist, he may actually be (believe it or not) an ascetic. He may be a doctor, a holy man or a card-shark, whatever his interest, he shall have an outgoing interest and motivation in affecting the larger world. And depending upon his own character, it may be with selfish fulfillment desired or actual sympathetic love that colors such activity.
So we have two distinctly different types of men: those who shall hold to local concerns for a lifetime, with a limited capacity and a limited projection, and those who enter into the public domain and attempt to effect greater change.

The first category may well be interested in self-betterment and work as true as any worker might. They are steady and commendable, and shall find proof of their enterprises more easily distinguishable than those of the second. Those of the second have the possibility for effecting both wonderful causes and consequences; and equally making mistakes in such larger ways as to be quite dangerous to the world and to themselves. It is not so much the quality of emanation but the proficiency.

May we call them the family-souls and the worldly-souls. The worldly-souls, once become as such, rarely if ever return solely to the field of activity of those the family-souls. The reason for this being, that because their effectualness has been extended out to such a large number of men at one time or another, they are thereafter bound by many responsibilities and connections, which will ever lead them back out into the world, and will not be denied once the safeness of the limited activity of the family-soul has been forgone. Relatively, one may refer to it as 'safeness', as it shall be in such a way that taxes and returns as little as one has personally detailed; whilst of course, this in itself shall be complex and of good learning.

What is good for these two distinctions may also be applied to nations and races of men. There are certainly the two categories here, and yet as in the instance of men, it is the worldly-soul who shall carry humanity into the future, as it is his task prescribed by the efforts and motivation within the larger world. 

If one is trying to ascertain the inclinations of a man before them, then it may be helpful to come to realize these two distinctions, for the two are extraordinarily different. They shall have differing needs and differing perspectives, and differing applications. It must also lead one to question thus: "If I consider myself to be as a worldly-soul and sympathize with such, how far am I correct in trying to persuade a family-soul to leave his level of activity, and how far am I morally correct to endeavor to make changes on his behalf?"

In answer to the first question it can be said that usually, one is one or the other from birth onwards, and one may not inspire the other to alter their field of activity, for both will do what they can. 

In answer to the second question, it must be recognized by all those who are now considering worldly activity in any respect or region, that their responsibilities are now so magnified that they must necessarily strive to work from the purest of motivations, lest they wreak havoc on this plastic world. Already one is equipped and empowered by the power of ten, when worldly active. Their experience and digestion thereof, shall be refracted and interpreted by every face whose life they touch and change. Whether it be through the building of a new motorcar or effecting a stronger plastic; whether it be through the propagation of certain thought- be it politics, be it humor, be it high doctrine, be it science.

For those who enter, seeking to take unto themselves, they are so mistaken as to presume that the benefits of such activity outweigh the demands which will follow. If one has not their heart in their activity, then they shall truly falter in the future when their deeds come back to greet them! Know that every deed committed, every activity effected by you, shall be accountable to you, and will require much work for such rectification. Therefore we must question our worldly activity - whether the faces be hidden from view or not - for each and every one will stand before you, either with gladness or with demanding right.

In this one can see how a single soul cannot accumulate much powerful magnitude and hold it to himself, if it be that he works counter to humanity. Ordinarily he would become all the more adept in his effectualness within realms of emanating influence, however if he works in discord and with disruptive forces that bring ill upon large numbers, then he is so obliged to 'make good' all that he has done, as to keep him occupied with all energies thus expended for many a lifetime indeed.

Thus it is that the ambitious will thwart themselves if their interest and motivation is so self-oriented as to judge their activities unwisely. But if on the other hand there is much good for the world, frequented with loving intent, then the weight of their deeds shall also be made known to them with more paths revealed. Both shall be given opportunities for right and proper action and both shall be challenged with circumstances that, if entered into, are disharmonious and destructive. So we must work upon discrimination and never be negligent upon self-review.

It is not enough to identify oneself as a worldly-soul, for in reality this alone does speak to us of a markedly tougher path ahead. But also, be courageous, and also understand another's reluctance to go forth into the world similarly. For if there is one before you who lacks the motivation and is indeed a family-soul, then it is imperative that they gain the strength of true and proper discernment first, before attempting to persuade and fashion the world.

It is to the worldly-souls that we are compelled to speak with firstly, for theirs is the greatest need. Whatever is affected in greater capacity by them, is most desperate and desiring of adhering to conduct which can respond with productive relay. 

All 'active' souls are needed for the work. The testing-ground is the field of our endeavors. A man may not excuse away the fallout from that which he compels the world to do. If there is one-tenth 'bad' associated with his nine-tenths 'good', and he is knowing of such, he must immediately seek to attend to the one-tenth which will otherwise defile all that he works for in toto. The means do not justify the end for they maketh the end.

The future will be built by the thoughts and deeds of worldly-active souls, who with vision, desire and motivation, bring into being the future world.
So many good men are lost to misguided pursuits and are bound by consequences, which when answered, are good in themselves, however are nonetheless waylaying when calculated against the accelerated efforts that might have been managed. One might question, "But how can I do wholly good? The business I am in requires certain sins against humanity, as consequence I know that some of my dealings or investments, are as others, not pure. But surely that is part of life: the good and the bad." However, if one truly wishes to partake in a holy life with holy attitude, and work for the entire betterment of fellow friend and brother, they will come to find that they shall be inhibited and stripped of their worthiness by partaking in said common evils. It will disadvantage all in the long run and is nowhere near commensurate in such compromising.

Better not to enter the worldly arena at all if it be that we are to accept that compromising. Laws will not be compromised. The faces of those who have been harmed and cheated will not be compromised. If we know that our efforts contribute to war arms, if we know that our monies lend to a fraction of evil command, then better that we face it now than later- one cannot begin to teach responsibility with an honest face, however hopeful. Every word is to be weighed. 

The public face begins to persuade the family-soul - directly or indirectly - and the conduct must necessarily be so upstanding and righteous as to protect both. A greater future shall be realized and it will be through the efforts of those worldly-souls made manifest: of perpetual lawfulness, of perpetuating the creative force that mirrors Divine and splendid standards.

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