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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The LOVE of TRUTH & a Sieve for Panning for GOLDEN Precepts- 1991

WHO is above self correction? Is there a pure man who needs only to bathe once a year?

Christian motivationalists have the essence of a good doctrine when it is applied firstly and foremost to every other man, before themselves.

One must be tardy when approaching solemn truths, and yet with the boldness of children who defy social sensibilities, we face the mysteries of the world and abruptly rebuke them - in ignorance, in attitude and pretence - that such mysteries are no longer worthy of our attention. Such is an unrequited love, when we turn from the mysteries of the world. 

Truth stands lonely awaiting on hilltop, ever disappointed that her lovers do not recognise her anymore. But instead, they run into the arms of another. They embrace the images of hoof and clover, they prize the self-portrait, reinstating, reaffirming all of the while that their marriage to their doctrines denies the company of any other.

So often Truth is denied in this way, forbidden to enter where such doctrine does dwell, lest she come between the old lovers: the man and his self-chosen society. But she will wait and she will endure. Truth remains when doctrine has ceased its usefulness. Truth has insight beyond the concepts expounded and ignited in any age.

The young seek their love with inspiration and great enthusiasm, and when they find the image of Truth reproduced in a doctrine or a system of faith, understandably they cease to inquire, being content that they have found their true lover. Faithful, they cling to this society or religion, so faithful that they dare not move outside of the circle. . . but Truth, unlike a society, is free from the marks of Man. Truth will not conform and will not be bound by chains to the feet of her lover. So the weight at the other end of this said chain is not Truth in captivity. She will freely give and give of herself, but will not be altered or bound in liberty of expression by any man. It is a false lover that bends to the whims and demands, who cajoles the wayward personality and assures them all work is done and achievements are over.

To find the free spirit of Truth one must look ever anew. Are we to be satisfied with one who merely resembles Truth? Many are. When Truth smiles at you and the radiant comprehension fills heart and enlightened mind, such sweet experience is a most happy recollection, tinged with sorrow at the intimate joy just past. Do not fret, she shall come to you again; but not of chains and by fettered approach - only the false lover is compelled in this way.

The iron will does seek to drive all desires inward, magnetised to attract that which suits twin images of personality. The will is for self-mastery, not for mastery over that which it cannot affect. The will of iron knows not the golden truth. It is the heart which is kindred, that attracts the gold of truth- to sieve through the grit and expel it accordingly, to pan the worldview and find the true gold. Oft times it is in such expulsion of self-values that in one sack of grit, one speck of real value is recovered.

Such labor never ceases. When labor ceases and true purpose is cast aside, we cease. False lovers offering comfortable alms may satisfy a personality, who, like attracting like, gives certain pleasure to themselves. The false lover will whisper to you of all you want to hear, entertaining the self-satisfying nymph who whispers of self, religion or politic. 

The soul of man is not satisfied so easily. The soul of man craves the company of his beloved: of Truth. There is no comfortable bed for the soul in doctrine. Rather, the soul's spirited passion is in searching for Truth, and the moment realized of grand and exquisite encounter again and again.

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