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Monday, July 6, 2009

Pearls- 27th May 1991

PEARLS have been symbolic of wisdom, and natural pearls have been rare to find. The oyster flourishes in great number, but the pearls are few to meet the demand and therefore purse, of the ordinary man.

So often one strikes pearls therefore, that have been artificially seeded. This also can apply to truth itself, that Man has tried to harvest that which is of his own making. Yet the expert jeweller can nearly always cite the distinctions between the natural and the man-interfered-with, pearl.

Systems of thought can often be traced back to a particular assumption of which the entire framework of supporting ideas is built upon layer upon layer. In a certain sense, this is creativity- the seeding and the result. But in relation to truth these systems can be slightly or dramatically deficient in certain qualities, which render them something less than the truth.

It is not the grit that makes a pearl a pearl. The timing of the seeding determines either:-
a) The abortion of the grit.
b) The irregularities of form.
c) The true spherical perfection.
d) The subsequent color.
Often within a seabed a harvest shall bring either many beautiful examples, or else none because of these factors; in relation to the moon and when the growth of the pearl had just begun. 

Within the world of ideas held by men, this timing in relation to cosmic influences determines the sphere of thought, that although is forever seeded, aborts, malforms, perfects and is colored in a particular way. If this were not so historically, the world of thought should not have altered as it has done. For the thought-world of Man (within this sea: our consciousness) relies on the heavenly influences to stream through and imbue the very impulses that give offspring to certain forms of thought.

Thus there are many opportunities arising at alternating episodes, and much excitement when, because conditions are suitable, new impulses are to be received.

If one should ever offer you a string of beads painted with nail lacquer, do not be deceived! In truth, we must work layer upon layer, with the seed of compassion being central to our sphere which we build upon, working upon one pearl of wisdom to add to the string worn at the neck of our Father, as a token of gratitude and devotion.
Our Lady of Perpetual Hope,
Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow;
Hear me that I might add just one more grievance,
Hear me that all might be better tomorrow . . .

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