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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dragon & the Chalice- 18th March 1990

Viscosity and magnetism, and the energy that flows through cleansed particles.

THE dragon energy is comprised of/characterized by, the slender-whip tail and the fiery breath - such is a universe of activity. The elements of fire-particles were ignited and flamed throughout the world from the mouth of this dragon, a veritable furnace of power.

There at the bottom of this universal garden, slumbers the beast who is quick to retort, "Who may approach this hideously bloated, belching, bombardment of flame and fire?"

The knights of old felt swayed to such a purpose. With courageous heart, they knew that the dragon kept guard over the secret of the Holy Chalice. Equipped with only armor and sword, they went forward in their quest. And the Lord saith, "He who follows me, shall walk not in darkness."

The inner light of pure spirit is the divine pledge that all shall hold the chalice safely within their being; the Holy Spirit permeates all creatures alike.
Man! I have given you the sword, the shield and the armor - go forth into the world and cast aside all hindrances to the claim for your rightful name, for it is your legacy, that I bestowed on you since the beginnings of time.

Before the world was shrouded in watery mass, long before the movements did heave and swell, when the particles were gathering, and the armies of souls were trembling in space in gigantic proportions - their silent cries were bursting my heart from within, to be. Upon descent into Creation, my beloved fell ever more into veils. Their calls still resounded, but My face was hidden from them.

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