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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Inner Disposition of Being Gentle

There is an inner attitude that gentle folk bear, which is constant and apparent. One can say that a man or woman is gentle in a particular instance, and not-so-gentle in another, but in truth there are those who carry about themselves gentility and those who do not.

All great teachers are characterized by this inner persuasion. Occasionally there may be outer circumstances which require noise or force, but even this will be handled adeptly and relatively gently by that same soul. We can look to Christ's own approach towards our own souls and nature. He does not persuade us with force, only by the good reason of common outcome which shows itself. He does not require even love from us if we decide not to give it. He does not punish or compel, He gently abides all decisions that we decide, and yet in truth would have all power over our outcomes at all times.

This disposition is cultivated through our observance of He, our most Gentle Master. 

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