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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Atheist

Standing on the shore,
Wedged into damp and grainy shell;
Salt breeze skips over the murmuring peaks,
Finds its way to the face,
Of the pelican on the beach.

The eyelids do not blink,
There is no willing strength
To raise or close the lid,
To protect or make sleep;
No cover, nor watery wash,
For that which he looks out from.

He sees water, he sees mist,
He sees clouds laden with rain;
Droplets indent his glassy sea,
Invade the bulk, become the same;
But eyes are dry and paralyzed …
Paralyzed eyes search out a paralyzed sky.

The sky looks down on its suffering son,
That sorry creature, a creature undone,
Pacing the pier, surveying the beach …
Very soon his neck, will not hold up his beak.

Have mercy on the godless man,
The one alike to this sad pelican;
Have mercy too on the godless four -
Pestilence, arrogance, hatred and war!

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