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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Internship-11th March 1998

FLEDGINGS know, just as young saints know, just as transparent gems hidden in clumps of rock deposit, dark-filled and earth covered, also do know, of the purpose within them - not yet apparent but there and in waiting, urging them to find that time when their innate glory shall materialize.

The desire for discipleship is no small matter! When a man is moved by the internal awakening which proves his very manhood, he is awash with the longing for his own self-perfection. Ennoblement follows such desire, for it is entranced by the calling of this lover's cry. The spirit recognizes the wanting deep within the tender souls of all fellow men and seeks to heal them with courageous valor; such is the path to one's betterment.

We work for all, or not at all. We strive for Life, and even in this shall Death survive and be reborn! We must contrast opinion with truth and thus decide ... and find truth where truth is, wherever that may be; pray God we acquire His eyes that we may see it, and a heart as large that we shall live it.

A pupil may work out from one of two positions within: either that of discomfort or that of the calling from a higher motivation. This has to be said firstly and established, because in teaching we do further the principle which maintains that a man works best out from joy than he does from ill - that beginnings do make for the endings; and so we take care with all seedling issue. The primary position sets the placing of the future and all which bears accordingly to follow.

Discomfort in itself can be honorable, and if not that, quite understandable. There is enough within the outer world, and much within our inner selves which can aggravate and inflame our sensibilities. Many spiritually inclined individuals work hard because of their displacement so felt ... and as grit is to pearl, they gather much virtue because of it. However, although a certain dissatisfaction or even pain may alert us as to what we do not want, it will tell us very little of the reality we might say we prefer - in itself it can be a catalyst, but there needs more for us to know, before we may move out from it.

The calling from a higher motivation awakens in a man the actual strength and sustenance to carry him on to that level beyond his immediate reach. When a man may work out from an internal joy or experience a love, he is opened within his self (his ego) to receive the strength that is required that he may indeed continue to develop a'further. Remarkably there is often the notion that men can deny their own spiritual ecstasies and still yet bring a joyous laughter into this Globe; or further still, some believe that they can artificiate joy in a pretence. However, moreso do the spiritual realities call for actuality, and a dry drab man within makes only for a dry drab man in perpetuity! Do we water the tree of life with a poison? No! And this is our point.

So the contemplations and study are best kept to those which may enhance our beings with some positive measure or addition, rather than concede to gloom or despair. If we admit within ourselves much of the unhappiness which abounds without (and there is enough there to study over lifetimes, true enough) then we would surely become as wretched and misplaced in the very attempting. For also, there are beings (and demons) which dwell amongst all thought as well. 

We must become particular in whom it is that we should call to and give our attention's vitality to. We invest ourselves into that which will impart a governing supplication to woe. We attribute our divinity to Christ and to Father God, and we honor them in joy, not in sorrow. Every sadness undergone is known by Christ - that purse of silver is spent the world round, and He still hurts for each man who is betrayed to great sorrow; and then accordingly our Father God shudders in like pain about.

True joy is not to be found in heartless pursuits. In point of fact, those who do give themselves over to the heartless passions (where there is no soul communion, no soul connection, no soul combining - i.e. the astral passions devoid of the higher life) they are defacing their happiness with the replace of a gorgon; and in time, such expenditure of vitality there will sicken the individual that he can no longer withstand true joy about him.

So when we recommend that a good student come to know love in the world, we qualify that love with the enlivening which follows. Astral passions devoid of soul conjunctures and empathetic connections are as small deaths to the soul (insofar as the heart/soul is interrupted from its preferred expression and communication into the physical body). If a man is excited to gambling (in any form), stimulated to alcohol or a narcotic, active in lust without soul-love and connection, exaggerated in fiery episodes of anger or willful malign, if he excites his appetite with foods that contain little or no etheric life, if he knits together falsehoods which he works to maintain and project, if he commits to a social priority before acknowledging that of his spiritual own, if he deceases himself in the maintaining of appearance of another .... he stifles his soul life and severs himself accordingly, he stifles also his soul.

And the ego of a man warrants his soul as governor. That which injures the affections of soul also injures the ego in the long term. As we develop we grow in love - love will tend us, feed us, secure us and be for us, providing we do not depart from the callings of our own soul.

Not one man may decide this for another. There are precious moments of great choosing, when before the mind's eye is placed a possible future for the man to take hold of and accept if he will. And in these explicit askings from within, so echoed back in resonant agreement the man himself will know his upright time when the motivations of a greater love have called him.

We as teachers have adapted to some extraordinary means of physical and future existence. As needs be we are purpose built - and were that a 'normal' man sought our presence (let alone prolonged company) for a time he would find that there is a tension between the two, even though we are but brothers. Those who would join us leave much more behind than one does in ordinary death. To incarnate in these bodies devised, brings about both capability and deficit when compared with the standard model of today.

However, we can see something else there which has more reckoning for you, and that in is this dear soul: have you forgotten the others? Not a few, but many, have you such karmic dealings with as yet - those who will need your physical presence here in this time and from your vantage. We can see individuals relying upon your being amongst the community, that when the time is apt your constellations shall concur.

This is not so unusual, and particularly when there becomes an earnest soul (and hopefully others also), that karmicly folk are drawn into your orbit for long enough to become renewed, enstrengthened; and in the instance of a would-be master, that certain dealings are fulfilled and completed before moving on.

This personal assumption of matters has no definite time period, nor does the adept in progress guarantee himself ever an evolutionary 'win' as such. Yet what can be said is that each and every individual who puts himself to the task of joining the greater service to humanity, with whatever abilities he has to offer, then in kind and by their supplication to us, shall we be conjoined and of assistance to each other. No man is above failing, ever, however there is one consideration of hope though: that is when we ask for genuine help involving such service; then through the support that entitles our affiliated fellowship we shall be corrected and carried when need be. It goes without saying, perhaps.

The invisible helpers who cross over the conjoining spheres do not involve themselves with matters of personal karma. They do not interfere, judge, comment, direct, or have use for another's personal dealings. What we can help with (and other beings besides) is in that which individuals choose to take on on behalf of their brothers as a collective; and in this widened band of karma (one which we share of course) we can then play a part in the support and the outcome. Do you see? So in the course of your struggles, if ever help is asked and required concerning your development and environment (psychic environment) in respect to your advancement in service, then there will be assistance (and love) to follow.

As for the physical representation or projection of the Masters, it can be said: you may think of us as ferrymen (not of the accursed variety!) who will one day take you on board ... but for this moment realize that a boat is no good to you if you are far from the water; you must first make it to the river for us to come to you.

This is in no way a dissuasion. Much is achieved through patient striving and continual affirmations of intent, purpose and future plan. The in between phase in this is essentially more important to you than the arrival; because as we pointed to earlier, good beginnings are essential to good and thorough outcomes. If a man comes to greet us prematurely (or we to him) he is absorbed (literally) in our presence to the extent of forgetting his own! Do not ever wish to relinquish your selfhood! We would not have that for you, nor should you either.

As you learn, whether it be under our guidance here or elsewhere (or from others still) we ask this alone: prize your being and take care of it that you may go on to do also with others. Do not injure yourself, negate yourself, condemn yourself or indulge in false pride. Know that Christ lives in your word, heart and grasp, and with your brothers we will endeavor to help raise all beings above the pain of not knowing Him, and knowing therefore each other. 

Egoic wisdom takes time. The keys are there within you, and you already know the strength and presence of these thoughts just put before you. Yes you have briefly met already with one of us - and that is significant. Most do not know of the times when this is so, but it is important because we renew our friendships in this manner, friendships which hearken back to past efforts in lives we can recall.

The drive to work again and the esoteric comprehension, does not just come of itself all of a sudden to this degree. Men take preparation and usually previous connections to find it returned, in the context that the desire now works within you. The personality may wrestle with this, and that is common enough, whilst the mind is mystified at the soul-pictures and hearkenings with which it endures.

Every individual holds a convoy of differing lessons to carry, and when they have approached and reconciled their given problems to inspiring solutions, they are then so empowered as to assist yet further all men thereafter who are afflicted with the same difficulties. They are invaluable in this accomplishing and the collective need, and require it to be managed by those who have a spiritual conceptualization to work through what can only be dealt with on multifarious levels from a whole and complete perspective. It is not enough to address the human condition from the physical and obvious perspective alone.

Added to this we require men to be as clear, receptive and prayerful as is possible (to them). If they are contaminated with intoxicants then the knowledge imparted, or experience which follows, is likewise contaminated - sullied with a false ego which betrays Man as it is wont to do.

There are only a few, proportionately, who would enter into this work. Each is needed (and known) and although conditions may appear lonely at times and without, there is much being gained for a future right here in the making. No wishes go unanswered or unfulfilled in time. Sincerity is everything. And although we cannot dwell in the physical company of all of those who represent us throughout the various continents (and beyond), we do effectively cooperate as one dear vision, begun and most certainly born from our Lord, who would have us united in Love.

In time, what you sincerely desire shall eventuate. Meanwhile dear friend, know that there is much goodness as an undergirth, which shall uphold and support you throughout.. 

God Bless!


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