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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Invested Vestments, & the Immortals- 6th September 1993

IN Medieval times a man would usually have but one coat of which he was known by; for invested in and about this apparel was the denotation of character, occupation and wealth, or lack of. A man's coat would be well-loved. Stitched and re-stitched, it was there between him and the harshest of elements; with his scent and his familiarity, it was as his outer armor.

Of course all of this could be well said for all time, with no particular oddity remarkable to this earlier period, except to say that it was at this era of which the favored overcoat or jacket was prized beyond all other garments, being not only an extra necessity, but also a vehicle of sorts, of worldly identity. In this way, in like manner we may glean an impression of the 'looseness' of thought and aspect as experienced by those folk in the world, who for any number of reasons do not clothe or contain themselves according to one favored article.

The vestments (or more correctly: in-vestments) - the garb of the priestly service actually draws into the fabric as worn, many, many influences as do ray out and shower down from such ordinances as conducted. One should not contemplate dry-cleaning with such an investiture! From some it is known to shimmer a faint halo of gold, that the robes or the cassock, the stole and associated adornments, would be endowed with the emmanatory force accredited to the divining, the prayer or the ritual-majestic.

Similarly, lovers would wear an article each which was especial to their communion, and such pieces were often buried alongside the beloved upon passing.

You see, we have discussed ones street-clothes from the viewpoint of collective refuse: of unseemly, inharmonious recollections speaking as loudly by emanating back those impressions of the day as spent; and too of casual meetings, yet with influence also. However today, the directive emphasis expounds this thought that we may look to the particulars and be generally enlightened.

For example: we may set aside favored garments for a certain purpose, and each time return to these garments to the exclusion of others. The sports shoes are a good example of this as they are most likely to be employed exclusively in a particular occupation repeatedly. A man may be responsive at once to the impressions his shoes now hold for him, that they by contrast, speak to him of him, and the experience one to the other have realized together. 

Of course we do not mean by this that the shoe is in any way conscious, it is merely a term regarding the memory of matter and its adopted persona. Now then, one does suggest that the favored sports shoe is worn and rubbed in all of the suitable places, this making it uniquely comfortable to the wearer, but also one knows that another's sports shoe, even being extremely plastic to the foot, would not share the qualities of the familiar.

Now we may apply this similarly to that which is worn during personal prayer, night attire, recreation, even whilst singing - as an aid to that which we are fully involving ourselves in at that time, we may do this. And it may be a simple piece of cloth for instance - a handkerchief one takes on long and contemplative walks, another for chapel or temple, another for discourse, and so forth.

Often a hobo who has only the one set of clothing, with only rare occasion to disrobe and wash himself or his costume - quite often he survives the conditions of his lifestyle because of his 'personal armor' which ritualistically accompanies him everywhere- self-absorbed and self-absorbed. Take the man out of the clothing and exchange them for new and instantly he shall have a fresh aspect of perspective also.

From this one may gauge that the uniform which either binds or empowers men is doubly effective, that the repetitive wearing to a purpose enforces that purpose with the aura of the garment, and is enhanced with every such application thereafter.

Clothing which has been impressed by deleterious circumstances would be better burnt in most cases.
Repetition is the key word here. Potency is increased by repetitive action. So, if we apply this to 'articles of association', then we acknowledge an extraneous factor which may alter or assist our wellbeing.

Obsessive behavior deters good instinct. We must be careful at all times to prefer to exercise personal judgment, discernment and intuition, rather than try for such rules which cannot be sustained. It becomes difficult for most to cease their chatter and come to counsel with specialist guidance.

Many preconceive the advised instruction and thereby negate the incoming wisdoms, upon a tandem of will, want and levy. Of course, experience is paramount to all good learning and by this no exercise in daily life is lost. However for those who genuinely implore the heavens for substantiation, it is recommended that they allow the heavens time to reply. That they give their day or their week or whatever time it may take, to prepare for the blessings that they seek.


The term 'immortal' is a dubious one. It once referred to the 'undead': the 'zombie' variety of specter-flesh which was animated after the soul had divorced and separated, and the flesh was compelled to appear whole without decay or great rot. Such individuals were the product of certain magicians - happily, the art seems to have been forgotten along the way, and more than uncommon.

The Immortals of the good Greeks were never Men to begin with, and decided such fates with interfering design as was invited.

The notion of ongoing is valuable and relevant and undoubtedly (presumably) true. And yet, to qualify this in the context to which it is hoped for, there becomes an expectation of the cessation of re-embodiment.

Usually when one is within the confines of worldly self-consciousness, one is content to be within the realm of the Earth and all that is natural to it. Manifestation is not to be spat upon or held to contempt; rebirth and renewal afford true triumph and redemption over death, and we cannot come to the end of this passage if we are imperfect, for the very reason we should then be bound to the inadequacies forevermore.

Our beings are eternal, yes, and could not contemplate compromise to this. At times the personality overrides the whispered cries of the soul and arrogantly contests the necessity for self-improvement. It assumes worth and self-importance and may be so well developed and rehearsed that after death, the personality itself is immortalized - continuing on long after the soul of the man has departed. This is not unusual. However, we wear our personality as we do our favorite coat; whilst the naked soul beneath is sensitive moreover to the chaffing of the coarser material, but sheathed protectively by its coverment.

If we can occasionally exercise abstractions, objective or philosophical thinking, then we may wrest ourselves from our personality long enough to gain a soul's perspective. In prayer we come to know of our 'truer' self also; whilst also of our Beloved, through whose eyes we may exchange our own, for a time.

There is always a provision for growth, and for rest. Rest is not unproductive, rest provides for the upcoming growth as the afterlife provides for the impelling processes of subsequent lives and so forth.

If we choose to seek something - viz. in this instance to become immortal - we must call upon our true desires and come to realize what exactly it is we hope for, and why; and then question the reality of such propositions and their desirability.

One thing may be said about 'the system' to date: not a better one has been found! And there is proof of this, for should a better one have been established it would have clearly overwhelmed the one we currently enjoy.

And so we suggest candidly and with persuasive humor, that one is best to sit back and prepare for the longer journey, because though eternity is inconceivable, it is conceivably a very long time. Better to rather goodness than perpetuality, for even if the holy is transient it is sublime. . . and a day of Heaven is worth an eternity of shit-shoveling.

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