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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes & No- 17th January 1992

THE tail of a dog wags back and forth; the finger of the old man cocks and shakes with all-knowing instruction. The head bows, the head lifts, the head shakes backward and forth, up and down: dissent, assent, agreement.

One movement is defined; wavering movements which are not of singular intent, are equally, undecided, as the wavering shows. If one examines the habits of this exploratory shaking they can begin to 'feel out' their partner’s searching, even though they appear to be decisive in interpretation. 

Here and there, from this and that, side to side, backwards up and frontwards down - this explains to us the true makeover of most decisions answered. If we nod in agreement we are tending towards that line of decision, but not overly committed unwaveringly. Equally a nod of disapproval - 'no, no, no' - is a tendency favouring such, but going from this to that in examination. 

It is moreover an informed answer, for the information is causing the constant reflex. Something like this: "No, I reject, but, what if?" "I understand" and so forth. Examination - return to first opinion - drawing conclusions - no; and so on. The head shaking side to side or up and down, the inner gauging, the outer affirmation of decided opinion. 

There are grades of sound which accompany the verbal equivalents, ranging from the most definite and exuberant, to those which are weak and noncommittal. If I should ask you if you would like to be given a treasure, your reply 'yes' should be stated far differently to your being offered a biscuit, a dry biscuit, for example. 

Yet the two words, both yes and no, are the most strongly driven words of any language. The individual who imparts either of these words may choose to do so quite forcefully, quite actively, and throw their whole being behind them and their meaning of the moment.

Of course there needs be both will and desire coupled with a true and proper reference, understanding that which is to be accepted or rejected by the individual. However, 'yes' and 'no' still stand as the most powerful issues, regardless of how quickly we tend to offer both, regardless of considerations.

These two words separate man from beast, as within the use common and decided, they are representative of choice - choice being paramount to man. They are in answer to all consideration. 

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